game at which two can play

Meaning 1
any game in which two players oppose each other There are many more idioms using the term "game" as a noun, for example: It's a whole different game; It's a whole different ball game; It's a new game; That's an old game. There are also more idioms using "game" as an adjective as in game plan (above) and He's game. (He will play the game). The student or reader can think of ways to use this idiom in sentences or his or her own, at work, at play or at home. Other terms commonly used which derive from many sports and games, rather than a specific one, are those associated with play, player, and teams.
Sentence 1
Tennis is a game at which two can play.
Meaning 2
similar strategies that two people play, often in opposition to win or cause psychic harm
Sentence 2
"Oh, so you've had and affair! Two can play that game.