bull’s eye

Meaning 1
the center of a target
Sentence 1
He scored a bull's eye with that shot.
Meaning 2
to win the point, to get the business deal because you were particularly effective, to say or do exactly the right thing.
Sentence 2
You scored a bull's eye with your speech. The club is going to give five thousand dollars to the literacy project.


This expression derives from an old English sport, bullbaiting dogs try to pull a bull by his nose to the ground. Gamblers would place a bet "on the bull's eye" if he wished to make a bet. Crowns, an English coin, were used to bet so frequently "on the bull's eye that the coin itself came to be called a bull's-eye. Later, the term was applied to the black center of a target. The idiom right on the money is also derived from the ancient interchangeable use of a coin, bull's-eye and the center of a target. A sentence in this case would be: " You were right on the money with your speech."