Boxing Idioms

Boxing is a very old sport. The Greeks included it in the Olympic games in the seventh century A.D. It was reintroduced in England centuries later and came to America with the English. It is a popular sport in the United States, with the championship matches watched by millions on television each year.

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The rules of boxing were codified by the Marquess of Queensberry in England more than a century ago, in 1899. Two fighters used gloved hands to hit each other on areas of the upper body. Matches or bouts are won by: a knockout (A contestant is knocked to the floor and counted out.); a technical decision, where a contestant loses by points; or he is hurt so badly he has to retire from the fight.

Meaning 1
a boxer absorbs punches while waiting for an opportunity to strike back
Sentence 1
The boxer rolled with the punches hoping to find an opening against his opponent.
Meaning 2
getting one's bearing in a difficult situation; figuring out what to do after a few set backs
Sentence 2
"We can't wait any longer, John will have to roll with the punches; we have no one to teach him."